• Pharmaceutical RO+EDI Water Purification Machines Manufacturers, Pharmaceutical RO+EDI Water Purification Machines Factory, China Pharmaceutical RO+EDI Water Purification Machines
  • Pharmaceutical RO+EDI Water Purification Machines Manufacturers, Pharmaceutical RO+EDI Water Purification Machines Factory, China Pharmaceutical RO+EDI Water Purification Machines
  • Pharmaceutical RO+EDI Water Purification Machines Manufacturers, Pharmaceutical RO+EDI Water Purification Machines Factory, China Pharmaceutical RO+EDI Water Purification Machines
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Pharmaceutical RO+EDI Water Purification Machines

Pharmaceutical RO+EDI Water Purification Machines
Pharmaceutical Water Treatment Systems is used to purify and deionized water. This system consists of booster pump, pretreatment tanks (sand filter, activated carbon filter, softener), SS304/316 cartridge filter housing, chemical dosing systems, high pressure pump, Stainless Steel 304/316 membrane pressure vessel, 4040 or 8040 RO membranes, Electrodeionization EDI Module, control panel and touch screen control.
Material and parts brand can be changes as regards to raw water quality and customer demand.
From touch screen panel, you can see all system flow diagram and automatic or manual control the system.
Membranes do not allow small particles, virus, bacteria to passant EDI module remove all ion from water as a result your water becomes very pure.

Pharmaceutical RO+EDI Water Purification Machines


reverse osmosis electrodeionization

Although we design system for drinking water treatment system, pharmaceutical industry needs more pure water than drinking water industry. Drinking water treatment system make permeate water’s TDS less than 50ppm, but pharmaceutical industry needs TDS less than 5 to 10ppm.

Pharmaceutical industry needs very high-grade pure water. Chunke as reverse osmosis company add some special design or modules to water treatments systems. EDI Electrodeionization is one of them.Different than drinking water treatment system, before EDI modules, water pass RO system, as regards to customer demand on purity system can be double pass reverse osmosis system plus EDI electrodeionization system.

EDI Electrodeionization system working principle is based on removing ionized or ionizable species by using electrical active media and electrical potential. Pharmaceutical reverse osmosis electrodeionization system capacity range between 0.1m3/hour to 50m3/hour. Design capacity and option can be customized.

Pharmaceutical reverse osmosis EDI electrodeionization system including most of drinking water treatment system parts. But materials are special, we are using high quality stainless steel 304, 316 or 316L, this material reduce contamination risk.

edi electrodeionization system

Reverse Osmosis Electrodeionization water treatment systems are started from booster pump, we suggest to use 316 material for pharmaceutical application, it feeds raw water to pretreatment tanks. Depends on capacity pretreatment tank size and numbers can be changed. Also depend on raw water source and TDS (Total Dissolved Solid) material can be changed. In Chunke if water source is Tap or low TDS fresh water, we can use Stainless Steel 304 or 316. If salt content and TDS high, because of the corrosion, we are using FRP or Carbon Steel material for pretreatment tanks. Pretreatment consists of Sand Media Filter Tank, Activated Carbon Filter Media Tank and Softener Tank which has ion exchange resin inside, they are very important for reverse osmosis water filtration.


Pretreatment is used to remove large number of suspended solids, iron, turbidity, unwanted color, unpleasant taste, chlorine, sediment, organic contaminants, odors. In pretreatment we can control the follow manual or automatic for RO + Edi Electrodeionization system.

After pretreatment water goes to cartridge filter housing, we call it as security filter, most of application we are using stainless steel 304 or 316 material, but if water is very salty like brackish or seawater, we can use carbon steel or FRP or PVC Plastic Cartridge Filter Housing or Bag Filter Housing. There is 1µm or 5 µm PP filter in cartridge filter housing at reverse osmosis water treatment system.

drinking water treatment system

After cartridge filter housing, water goes to membrane pressure vessel with High Pressure Pump, you have brand option for High Pressure Pump such as Grundfos, Danfoss or CNP and it allows you to adjust your budget. Membrane housing shell inside depends on capacity we have 4040 or 8040 Membranes. Most of our project we are using DOW Filmtec, Toray, Vontron, Hydranautics, LG brand.

Membranes, in reverse osmosis electrodeionization system, are most important part. They block if parts size bigger than 0.001µm and molecular weight up to 150-250Dalton. It consists of impurities, particles, sugars, proteins, bacteria, dyes, organic and inorganic solids.

Pharmaceutical RO+EDI Water Purification Machines mostly have 2-pass RO system because of requirement of high purity. Pharmaceutical application ro water plant is more complex than drinking water treatment system.

reverse osmosis electrodeionization

Also, reverse osmosis water treatment system can have chemical dosing at pretreatment or post treatment, like antiscaling (antiscalant), antifouling, pH adjustment, Sterilization & Disinfection chemicals.

In Chunke when we check customer water analysis report, sometimes because of scaling and fouling problems, we can use CIP (Clean in Place) System, it wash membrane in membrane housing and make membrane life longer.

We also using UV Sterilizer or ozone generator at reverse osmosis electrodeionization edi water purification system.


Parts for Industrial Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Plant

edi electrodeionization system 

Electrical Power of industrial water treatment system

For industrial water purification plant needs 220-380V/50Hz/60Hz. For bigger capacity, because of high pressure pump, it needs 380V 50/60Hz. As regards to your reverse osmosis water filtration machine design, we will check your electrical supply and decide fix power to you.

Before Buying reverse osmosis electrodeionization system,you should know:

1. Pure Water Production Capacity (L/day, L/Hour, GPD).

2. Feed Water TDS and Raw Water Analysis Report (prevent fouling and scalling problem)

3. Iron and Manganese must be removed before raw water enter reverse osmosis water filtration membrane

4. TSS (Total Suspended Solid) must remove before industrial water purification system’s membrane.

5. SDI (Silt Density Index) must be less than 3

6. Must be sure your water source does not have oil and grease

7. Chlorine must be remove before industrial water treatment system

8. Available electrical power voltage and phase

9. Layout of place for industrial ro reverse osmosis system


Features of RO + EDI electrodeionization system


Standard Futers

Available Options

Programmable PLC Control

Automatic Flush

Motor Starter

Ozone Generator

Raw Water Feeding/Booster Pump

UV Sterilizer

Stainless Steel Cartridge Filter Housing

Chemical Dosing

FRP Membrane Housing

pH control monitor

Mitsibushi Processor Control

ORP Control monitor

Low Pressure Switch

Remote Control

High Pressure Switch

Pretreatment System

Liquid filled pressure gauge

Post Deionization Unit

Stainless Steel 304 Frame

CIP Membrane cleaning system

Permeate Conductivity Monitor

Touch Screen Control

Raw Water Conductivity Monitor

Tank Level Switch


Customer Logo

Control Valves

Double Pass RO

Stainless Steel/UPVC Piping

EDI Module


Advantage of 2-pass RO + EDI Module for reverse osmosis electrodeionization plant

1.    Lower conductivity = higher EDI quality

2.    Lower CO2 = higher silica removal

3.    Ppm-level contaminants means infrequent EDI cleaning

4.    Higher rated flows for EDI

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