• Sand Filter Media Manufacturers, Sand Filter Media Factory, China Sand Filter Media
  • Sand Filter Media Manufacturers, Sand Filter Media Factory, China Sand Filter Media
  • Sand Filter Media Manufacturers, Sand Filter Media Factory, China Sand Filter Media

Sand Filter Media

Sand Filter Media
Water purification systems has pretreatment, main membrane filtration and post-treatment stages. Sand filter media is used in pretreatment stage. Main purpose of sand filtration is to remove bigger particles.
But sometimes raw water source has some unwanted special matters inside, such as iron, silica, manganese, hydrogenesulfide. These kind of materials content can be reduce by special sand media.
Chunke supply wide range of filter sand media in different size and shape.

Sand Filter Media


industrial water purification equipment

Chunke as industrial water purification equipment producer supplies all kind of sand filtration media to our valuable customers. Our sand filtration media consists of quartz sand, manganese green sand, anthracite, calcite, gravel, multimedia.


Sand Filtration Media Types

Quartz sand:  The most common filter media for industrial water purification equipment. Generally, fine mesh sand is coupled with a coarse grain support bed to remove suspended solids and turbidity. 

Manganese Green-sand: This filtration media is treated siliceous material for treating water containing iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide through oxidation. Generally, use in power plant water treatment application and industrial water purification equipment.


Anthracite: This filtration media is recommended as a filter medium where additional silica in the water is not desirable and can remove lighter weight turbidity. Power plant water treatment systems are good example for it.


Multimedia: This filtration media is required when maximum quality water is required and unwanted sediment is too small to be removed by standard media for industrial water purification equipment.


We have also other well-known media sand like BRIM, Pyrolox…etc. As regards to your application we can use or supply suitable media for your industrial water purification equipment.

Some industries need very special mechanical filter media like pharmaceutical, power plant water treatment application, we can make customized design for this kind of industries.

Our technical team has unique and newest solution for power plant water treatment systems.  If you have pretreatment problem in your process, you can contact with us and we can increase efficiency of power plant water treatment systems.

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Yes, we are manufacturer. Our factory is in Guangzhou Baiyun and it is very near to Baiyun airport. When you come to China, you can visit our factory....more
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